Medical Scientist Dr. Joel Pardee created the N-MET formula for his family to RESTORE CALM & NATURAL ENERGY. The great success of N-MET encouraged him to share it with everyone.
Dr. Pardee served on the faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University from 1982-2009, where he was Professor, Research Scientist, Associate Dean of the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and Associate Dean of Research.

N-MET RESTORES CALM & ENERGY with NATURAL, PURE METABOLITES Our Mind & Body Use Every Day. It is Safe & Effective For Both Children & Adults.

Quickly see the difference or your purchase COMPLETELY REFUNDED. Join the hundreds of N-MET patrons who have reclaimed their NATURAL CALM & ENERGY with N-MET "For A Brighter Day".
FOR ADULTS: I use this every day. I love how it calms and lightens my spirit. In my opinion this is better than any attitude adjustment medication or antidepressant. I swear by it. BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Heather, NY

FOR CHILDREN: I started using this product with my 8 year old son because he was having a lot of focus issues at school, causing frustration behaviors. It has gone better than I could have imagined! He is doing great! I give him N-MET 2 times a day. I really notice the difference when I forget to give it to him over the weekend!
Casey's Mom, PA

N-MET Formula Was Developed By A Medical Scientist To Promote A Long, Healthy, Confident Life.

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