Sensory Overload and Autism

Overcoming An Overwhelming Environment.

    In her  pioneering work identifying the root cause of autism, Dr. Temple Grandin determined that autism ultimately stems from unchecked Sensory Overload.  She discovered that the autism she herself experienced and that is characteristic of the general autistic population is due to a mental condition that generates an overpowering fear of the environment.  

    Autism sufferers have a chronic fear of their surroundings from which they cannot escape.  Their endless attempts to isolate themselves by retreating into familiar surroundings, repetitive behaviors, avoidance of eye contact, and angry panic attacks induced by noise, crowds, light shows, etc. all result from an uncontrollable fright of their surroundings.    

Have you experienced sensory overload?

Sensory Overload

"Disco Fever"

    To understand sensory overload let's revisit for a moment our younger days when we enjoyed the club scene. Remember the thrill of entering a discoteque or dance club and being immersed in sensations. Pulsating music heavy on a pounding beat, swirling lights reflected off a mirrored ball, crowding shoulder to shoulder sweating with sheer delight and animal togetherness, losing touch with the "real world" and swimming in a sensory world of pure emotion. It's time to grab a drink and swing. Wonderful!----for a time. But we cannot take this great sensation for too long.   

    After an hour or two of sensory overload, we have to get out.  The pounding beat starts to irritate and I'm getting dizzy from the flashing strobes.  Time to take a break, get out for some cool air and quiet. And herein lies the rub.  An autistic child wakes up in that disco every morning and can't get out. Sensory overload is on them 24/7. All their behaviors are attempts to escape a world gone mad with sound and fury. 

    We are all too familiar with the behaviors: panic attacks, explosive anger, repetitive movements, mild seizures, sleep abnormalities, gastrointestinal irregularities, silence, repeated words, and physical/social isolation.  All are attempts to make sense of a chaotic world and gain self-control.  Autistics are desperately trying to get into control and live in a calm, ordered environment, just as we all are. 

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