What is Metabolic Enhancement Therapy

    Metabolic Enhancement Therapy identifies and targets metabolic pathways involved in chronic diseases or disorders. The identified pathways are then treated by giving natural dietary supplements that enhance production of the metabolite made by the affected pathway; thereby balancing metabolism. 

    N-MET is a formulation that works with the nervous system to reduce a number of detrimental behaviors often associated with autism, ADD, ADHD and chronic anxiety syndromes. Those who suffer from these disorders are typically over stimulated by the sights, sounds and contacts in their environment. The result is a loss of mental focus and emotional control. 

    N-MET works by enhancing the synthesis of inhibitory neurotransmitters that normally regulate emotion, excitability, fear, anger and anxiety. The dietary supplements provided by N-MET stimulate metabolic pathways that produce these inhibitory neurotransmitters. As a result, nervous impulses are modulated and regulated, allowing users to more fully control their emotions and relieve stress. 

    Furthermore, N-MET contains natural metabolites that build and sustain the optimum energy levels required for peak mental focus and productivity. The combined effects of mental calm and sustained energy promote a positive and confident mood. 

    This novel N-MET formula (Patent Pending) has never before been made available to the public, and is not presumed to cure disease. It is offered as an effective dietary supplement that helps release individuals from emotional overload and mental confusion. Because excessive emotional stress can be experienced by anyone, N-MET can help rebalance the emotional state of anyone experiencing chronic anxiety, anger, nervous stress and persistent fatigue.