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"Dear Joel, Reporting on our use of N-Met for our autistic son over the summer holidays. At first we didn’t see any dramatic improvement on using the formula, but he did seem to settle down as we continued to give him N-Met until the second bottle was finished. Then to our astonishment, when he went off the formula, there was a marked deterioration in his behavior – huge levels of anxiety, lots of hand flapping, lots of echolalia and a good deal of frustration once again. Back on the formula these symptoms disappeared and life became much, much better. Please send more. He has improved so much that we are looking for him to go to a small training hotel for young people with learning disabilities in the South West of England. As well as getting qualifications in food preparation, food service and housekeeping, the students live in comfortable, supported accommodation with a full programme in learning to live independently. He has gone from being uneducable to training for a life work. Thanks so much."

-Wendy, United Kingdom


"Just a note to tell you how N-MET has changed my 9 year old son's life. He is a walking, talking testimonial for N-MET. Everyone that knew him before N-Met just can't believe what a difference it has made. Not that he was "bad" before, but he is just so much more together now. I just can't tell you how grateful we are that he has something that is helping so much WITHOUT drugs! He started acting classes last Monday, and he is doing great! He absolutely loves it. Thanks so much."

Tiff, MI.


"I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in making N-Met. My son is 9 years old and has been battling Autism, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety Disorder and Developmental Delay Disorder and it breaks my heart everyday to see what he goes through. Recently, I saw your ad on Facebook and decided that after 6 years of him being on 7 types of medications that this might be the answer to my prayers!! We recieved N-Met in the mail 3 days ago and I started giving him the supplement right away. I told him that it was a vitamin for boys so I and his teachers would be able to see if there was a real change instead of him thinking this supplement would "cure" him and relying on that. After 1 day, he told me he felt like a switch turned on in his brain. He is having fewer episodes of emotional outbursts and when he does have one, recovers from it more quickly! He is able to focus on his school work. After countless nights of crying over my son and wanting answers as to why my son had these afflictions and why there was no way to help alleviate his symptoms, I feel I have found an answer to my countless prayers. I am a nurse and I also know many parents of Autistic and ADHD children and I have already been sharing the great news of your product! Bless you a thousand times over for your endless hours to make a difference in our lives and the lives of so many others. You have a life long customer here!!!! Thanks again and God Bless."

Christina, PA.


"This is more of a comment than a question. I had contacted you before about getting travel sizes of the product. You had sent me 9 small bottles. I wanted to let you know that they worked FANTASTIC on our recent flights and cruise! They NEVER leaked. My son did a great job on our trip. He takes 5ml 2 times a day - breakfast and lunch. On the whole trip he only had one trying day and that was when we took him snorkeling. The water was rough and he was too tired from the previous day's activities. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your product!"

Sarah S.


"We've been using N-Met for my son for a week now and so far, we're impressed. Within a day or two he was noticeably calmer. Then, he started sleeping better, yesterday we realized his stimming, while not gone (especially when he gets excited) has definitely reduced. He's using his sisters names, and calling my husband and I Mom and Dad. He never uses names. In fact, unless you count his echolalia - he's not very verbal at all. But just yesterday and today he's been answering questions and talking back n forth with his father and I. He came down this morning and said "Hey Dad. Play trains in my room?" My obviously shocked husband said, "You want me to set up the trains in your room?" and he replied "Yes." No, he's not speaker of the house - but my god, he's asking and answering! I know this sounds like an ad, but I'm a real person, my son is a real 7 year old with classic ASD. At this point, if this is all N-Met does for him, it was worth it. if there is more to come - I can't wait."

-Jean, North Carolina


"N-Met is such a great product! Our son who is 4 functions so much better when he has had what we call his "happy juice" .. he currently has no language, but since we have been giving him the N-MET everyday, he is calmer and tries to make more sounds! We enjoy a happier more focused child, and because he is calmer and able to focus we see even more improvement. I know this sounds really cheesy, but our day isn't complete without N-MET! Thank you so much!"

-Kristin C.


"I recently received a bottle from a friend of mine. My friend has a child who suffers from autism and has been providing N-MET regularly to his child as a supplement. His child has shown marked improvement since taking N-MET, especially with concentration and calmness. Moreover, my friend himself takes it regularly and suggested that it has helped him with his mental focus and offered a bottle to me to try.

Thus, I have started to take it regularly myself, and I have discovered that it does provide better focus and more stamina throughout the day, especially when I take it at the start of the day."

George, MO.


"My teen-aged son with autism suffered with intense frustration and angry outbursts. N-MET dramatically reduced the number of outbursts. The remaining few are much less intense. His echolalia, pacing and hand flapping have also stopped. N-MET changed our life for the better. No question about it."

-Julie, New York

"For the first time in 4 1/2 years my son is sleeping through the night! His speech and language skills have both dramatically improved. Thank You, Thank You."

Christine T.


These comments are mainly from adults that use N-MET as a daily supplement for relief of anxiety and stress, increased energy and better sleep.

"-Dear Dr. Pardee, I would like to thank you for N-Met. It truly helps my 76 years old mother. She has been suffering from chronic depression and anxiety disorders for almost 30 years. She was on heavy medications, and in spite of all those drugs, her condition prevented her from socializing with people including her family members. If you are an outsider, your chances of talking to her were zero. She used to stay in her room most of the time. She started taking N-MET (10 ml in the morning and 5 in the afternoon) about a month ago. After not seeing her for a few weeks I could truly see a difference. She appeared to be much less anxious and eager to start conversations. She did not hide in her room. I am planning to talk with her psychiatrist to slowly decrease the dosage of her drug medication. Once again, Thank you."

-D.K, NY

"Feeling better than I can remember, terrific sleep, less anxiety and amazingly my shoulders and back quit hurting."

-Suzanne, CO

"I just received N-MET, and it had a wonderful effect for me. I think it is probably the gentlest, safest, most natural method of mood regulation, even for people who don't have any recognized disorder. You might want to expand your marketing strategy -- it definitely is a perfect supplement for mood and/or energy level regulation for people at large, everyone probably."

-Maya, N.Y.

"I have suffered from classical Migraine headaches most of my adult life. Without exception these headaches are preceded with a visual aura--streaks of lightening and a narrowing of my visual field. On the morning of December 22, 2009, the tell-tale aura began. My heart sank as I knew what was on the horizon. Another migraine. It was probably related to all the stress of the Christmas season. Now that all my shopping and wrapping were done, I had let down. This was a typical pattern for me. Often after periods of stress were over, the migraines would come. I almost always got them after final exams when I was in college. And, I had tried unsuccessfully for years to stop the migraines once they had begun. Nothing had ever worked. That morning I decided to try taking a 10 ml. dose of N-MET before the nausea set in. Much to my amazement, within 5 minutes the aura disappeared, and the dreaded headache never materialized, not even the nausea. I have averted 2 migraines by taking 10 ml at the first visual aura. For me, it was nothing short of a miracle. I definitely think the N-MET made the difference! Believe it or not, I feel great. In general, since taking N-MET I feel more energy and sleep better. All I can say is WOW!"  

-Suzanne, Colorado

"I experienced deep fatigue after a bout with Lyme's Disease. N-Met gave me back my energy and allowed me to get back to work. For me, one dose of N-MET in the morning helps me feel calm, focused and energized all day long. If I take more than one I am still energized at bedtime, so one dose a day is all it takes to get me feeling right. Calm and strong are definitely the effect N-MET has on me. Thanks so much. "



"My daughter used to have a very bad temper but not as angry now since N- met. Also, her mother is taking it too. It's not easy having a child with psychiatric problems. Now there is marked improvement, so we bought another 4-pack."

-Robert, NY

"Neural Essence, I am a sedentary man in his early 50's whose job frequently involves long hours. I have been taking 10 ml of the formula N-MET daily for about 1 month and find that it increases my overall energy levels without the jittery/anxious sensation associated with caffeine, enabling me to better focus on the job at hand. Thank You."

-Brad, Pennsylvania

"At first I thought N-MET wasn't helping, but it is so subtle. I really do feel better, more alert and I went shopping with friends (which I dread because my hips hurt), and I noticed my hips didn't hurt that night or the next day. Thanks a lot. This stuff really helped me."  

-Carla, Michigan

"I couldn't do without it now- a new addiction, lower anxiety, feeling better, calm."

-Janet, CO

"I am truly a convert! My husband & I have been taking 2 teaspoons of N-MET each morning and it's really making a difference for us. Calm, focus and energy, just as advertised. So, I just ordered 2 more bottles ~ Good stuff!"

-Mary, MI.


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