How Energy Affects Emotions

Posted on April 03, 2013 by Joel Pardee

When taken together, and ONLY when taken together, the proprietary ingredients in N-MET act as metabolic modulators  and significantly reduce emotional stress, which in turn releases energy (versus consuming energy). 

Stress fatigues because it depletes your body's ATP.  ATP is completely necessary for productive purposes (like thinking and working).

Reducing stress releases ATP for use by our tissues for their specific function. Energy to the brain makes it possible to focus and think. 

Energy to the muscles lets us work.

But there is more to the N-MET energy story. 

Generating calming neurotransmitters requires ATP energy as well as the starting materials tryptophan, glycine, glutamine, and trimethylglycine. 

You can't build a house without a foundation, and your body cannot produce the required neurotransmitters without sufficient ATP.

So, we must produce optimal amounts of ATP in our cells. N-MET insures the sustained production of optimum levels of ATP energy by supplying N-acetyl-carnitine, which is required for efficient conversion of fats into ATP. 

And by supplying the complex mixture of folic acid, Vitamin B12 and Trimethylglycine necessary to remove damaging homocysteine from the cell, we protect and optimize the cell's ability to make ATP.

Again, administration of individual, simple metabolites such as B-vitamins and folic acid is NOT SUFFICIENT to drive ATP energy production or the synthesis of calming neurotransmitters. 

Rather, it is the balanced action of all of the N-MET components together that results in the natural calm and sustained energy that comes from a balanced metabolism.

Finally, we must recognize that a repaired physiology brings with it a healthy psychology.

A calm mind + abundant energy = confidence. 

The self-confidence to blow past confusion and fear of the unknown to fulfill our respective destinies. N-MET works equally well for children of all ages above 2 years, and I count myself as an overgrown child. 


By Dr. Joel Pardee
©2012 Neural Essence LLC 


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