What's Possible With N-MET?

I started using this product with my 8 year old son, who has high functioning Autism, about a month ago. He was having a lot of focus issues at school, causing frustration behaviors. This past month has gone better than I could have imagined! He is doing great! I really notice the difference when I forget to give it to him over the weekend!

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This has made my 5 yr old grandson so much easier to handle. He rarely has melt-downs now and when he does he is so much easier to calm down. We were told there was little hope to helping his autism or getting him to communicate and after just a few weeks of N-Met he is a different little boy. Happy, more loving and is talking in small sentences now. We can't say Thank You enough.

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"N-Met is simply put amazing. At bedtime, on the second day of taking the supplement, we opened the bedtime book we had been reading for over a year, and before we could start reading our little guy started reciting the book! He had never made a sound while we read him his book, simply sat and watched the book. Obviously he had it memorized, but it was locked behind the door. I like to say N-Met has opened the doors. As his speech exploded, and tantrums and meltdowns disappeared. In a year he went from being delayed in every area to being ahead in almost every area. Thank you for this amazing supplement, I hope everyone tries it."

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"My son is doing well and I had a positive report from the respite facility he attends. On last booking the co-ordinator said "ever since you put him on that N-Met he is so much easier to get to the bathroom etc. More compliance". It was encouraging for me to hear too for us at home. Each aid I have that works with him has commented on how much easier he is to handle. Thanks."

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Medical Scientists Developed N-MET. It is Powerful Therapy Against Debilitating ANGER, FEAR & ANXIETY.

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